Speaking of the PGs

At Battlescene, we’ve always had a fond appreciation for up and coming talent. So when we saw Diesal’s last PG against Krucial Ken, we weren’t surprised to see him back on the scene on the world’s most respected battle league. Fans often place a stigma on West Coast emcees and though Diesal took an L against Tink the Demon, I truly feel he is the better contender. His performance clearly matches Tink’s and his barz are considerably better.

On the contrast, Jakk Boy Maine has something that Diesal needs a stronger dose of: The ability to write quick, clever, setups and follow it with a room shaking, money ball bar. Let’s face it: This is what it takes to remain strong in a venue like Irving Plaza. In other words, if one wants to be considered a “Top-Tier,” this is a skill set that is mandatory. In Jakk Boy Maine’s bout against Fettucine 20, money ball barz were flying consistently through all three rounds. His opponent had the better pen but lacked the stiff, Bruce Lee, punches that battlers must have to shock and awe the crowd.

With that said, Diesal and Jakk Boy Maine both have a place in battlerap. However, the true question becomes will these two evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments in their next bout? The pressure is on and both are talented enough to have fans waiting on what will happen next.

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