Qleen Paper Vs. Nu Jersey Twork

Wow.  Let’s get it understood that we’re watching someone in the prime of their career.  Who gives a crap about allegations that Twork paid his way into the game.  It was money well spent.  Ya’ll may not like the comparison because there are many who hate on the bar-god, but Twork is the equivalent of Danny Myers in 2014-2015.  Twork just happens to be killing on the main stage.  You can’t critique this guy.  Schemes, word-play, presence, round-placement and even slogan placement are all perfect here.  Nu Jersey Twork’s performance this battle is material for battle rap 101.  He’s reminiscent of Tyson in his prime; a big bully who could pound his way through all opponents with alarming ease.

Qleen Paper was no slouch this battle though, which makes Twork’s victory all the more impressive.  Paper lacked his presence this battle and I believe that his stumble in the second was the cause.  We can’t call it a choke because it didn’t end the round.  The fact that he was able to pick up his bars indicates adequate preparation on his part, but it wouldn’t be enough to overcome the slip.  Moreover, none of his rounds were able to surpass the energy, complexity and entertaining quality of Twork’s work.  Paper’s rounds were noticeably shorter and had less of a lasting impact.  Even if you’re a Qleen Paper die-hard you must admit this was a defeat for him.


Twork, 3-0

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