Gjonaj vs. Chilla Jones: When the Pen Runs Dry

I’m not going to hold you too long on this one. I wasn’t that impressed with both emcees in the first. Gjonaj stumbled and didn’t come with consistent haymakers like he normally does. His material was average and predictable to a degree (opening up with Bible references, etc). Chilla’s first was solid-no stumbles and lots of schemes. It’s a round that wasn’t that bar heavy for both competitors so the variable for my judgement was contingent on who was the better performer.

Chilla turned up in the second and third. I’m not sure what happened to Gjonaj. In this battle, his pen didn’t do it for me. It’s all too ironic due to one point in the battle where he screamed, “Im the best.” Yes Gjonaj, that’s your opinion; however, no one cares that you think you’re the best. In this sport, it only matters if you prove you’re the best and beating icons like Chilla and Diz is a start…



Chilla takes this bout with a clear 3-0. Gjonaj is becoming one dimensional, a fact that he will have to work on IF he wants to be considered great. In short, what was working for him before isn’t now.

This was Chilla’s 32nd battle (compared to Gjonaj’s 13 according to VerseTracker) so the pressure was on Gjonaj. This is why I expected Gjonaj to gain a clear win against one of Battle Rap’s top gladiators. The last thing I expected was a 30.

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