Big Sho vs. StackAlmighty: Welcome to the Jungle

Every now and then, you get a textbook style battle. I mean, literally, the kind of battle that you would say: This bout is an excellent example of what battlerap is.  I talked to Stack before this bout and told him to tred carefully. Big Sho made a great first impression in his battle against Snap last year. His real life brand of battle rap is impressive. He possesses a style that’s centered off street cred but his performance is downright believable and well above average. Stack Almighty, founder of the infamous Zoo Faculty, is a seasoned vet who hit a cold spell in the last couple of years. However, this battle arguably gives us one of his best performances…ever. And so we come to a rare moment on this website where a battle makes the highest of all categories. After watching 3 times, there’s absolutely no way for me to rationally pick a winner. It’s too close, debatable at best and simply an EPIC battle. Congratulations to both emcees and Alpha League for putting on an incredible battle.


Epic Battle——->Debatable.

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