Brizz Rawsteen vs. Ill Will: French Toast

Let’s clear the record. Both of these guys had a solid battle. However, it’s clear that Ill Will is still earning his respect in Irving Plaza and Brizz, well Brizz is a true superstar of the culture at this point. We won’t take anything away from Ill Will. He had solid barz but the crowd just had a hard time giving him his due credit. Conversely, Brizz has fully arrived and this battle cemented the fact that we will be seeing Brizz for a long time. In this bout, he displayed classic showmanship and crowd control. Two barz need to be mentioned: 1) This Pair IS from France- you’ll get ya French toast and 2)Pontiac is a ghost town, besides your mamas Pu$$y, everything’s else is closed down. Both of these barz had exquisite setups that led to a perfectly place, moneyball, roomshaking bar. However, there were enough barz on both sides of the stage. A battle as such, in my opinion, should be judged based on who was truly the better emcee/entertainer. The third was close but Brizz edged it with his Pontiac bar. With that said, the Verdict becomes very easy.


Brizz Rawsteen 3-0, no body. Great performances from both and this bout definitely has high replay value.

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