Brooklyn Carter vs Bedaffi Green: The Return of Carter

There’s some competitors in this sport that truly have a passion for barz, delivery…true emceeing. Well, Brooklyn Carter is one of them. Ironically, he had a tough battle against Franchise. It was something about his material and delivery that just wasn’t the standard Carter that we know. However, this bout is quite the opposite. This battle felt like two archrivals duking it out in the ring, but by third round, it was clear who was the better emcee. Conversely, Bedaffi Green also had a strong performance. Green has to work on his lyrics to erase the dry punches that can flatten his material at times. Both of these emcees can drop moneyball barzĀ  but it’s whats happening in between that really makes the difference. This is a great bout and if we had better lyrics on both sides equally, this could have been an easy classic.



Carter clearly takes rounds 2 & 3. 2-1, Debatable 3-0. Our winner is Brooklyn Carter.

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