The Fate of Gjonaj: Champion

Battlescene is often persecuted for our opinions in various groups on social medial, and that’s okay. We stumbled across this Champion video that recapped Chilla vs. Gjonaj and much of what we said about Gjonaj years ago is now manifesting. The bottom line is this: It takes more than clever bars to be the best. When you already think you’re the best, it doesn’t leave much room for improvement. You simply just have to keep doing what you’re doing right?

And that’s where the game changed and we saved the file.

“This is why Gjonaj was out of his weight class (Battling Danny Myers). He wouldn’t have gotten a battle with Hollow Da Don, Charlie Clips, Loaded Lux or Murda Mook because we would all say that he couldn’t be ready for such a matchup. But because most people are unwilling to accept the fact that Myer’s is most definitely of the same caliber as the emcees just mentioned, Gjonaj is set up against him when in fact he’s not really ready. He bit off more than he could chew. I would like to see Gjonaj develop properly and not just thrown into the ring with every juggernaut that can be found. I’d like to see him take battles that make sense for his career if he wants to continue to battle rap at all. He’s quickly beginning to remind me of Prep. We all saw such promise in him but because he was thrown to the wolves so early he wasn’t able to develop properly.” -Tech Master Stro on Gjonaj vs. Danny Myers

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