“Who Cares…This battle is a snoozefest,” exclaims Tech 9, battlerapper and blogger for Champion. It’s ironic that TechMaster Stro and I were speaking about this bout yesterday. More specifically, we spoke on how this is a step down for Mike P. How do you go from Daylyt, Chef Trez,Twork…to Big T? Mike P should see red flags. And the truth of the matter is most of his fans aren’t going to tell him that they would prefer to not see Big T in the ring-  ever again. Maybe that’s a little harsh but Big T and T-Rex have a couple things in common to me: They are both washed up Vets whose stock is tremendously down.

Mike P is favored to beat Big T and that’s just the problem. This is not a good matchup for P and as it relates to Battlescene, we see this matchup as a warning sign for his URL career. Can  Mike P gain anything if he beats…Big T?? Absolutely not. On the other hand, maybe the only thing that can come from this is if we see a classic body (think Chilla vs. Prep). If Mike P can’t 30 Big T clearly, it says a lot about where his growth is at this stage with URL. We did not see a clear win against Daylyt, nor Chef Trez. The only thing that is clear about his career is that he has skillz and he beat Tink Da Demon, which isn’t saying much. His apparent win against Twork should boost his brand, but we’re waiting on that one to drop. I guess what we’re saying is, Mike P, please give Battlescene a site worthy body because we feel that’s the only way you will gain from this bout.


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