Tay Roc vs Chess: The Art of Round Placement

Chess’s first round was amazing. It’s the Chess we’ve grown to expect and his ability to land several moneyball barz in the first was evident. Couple that with a very solid performance and it was looking like it could be a long night for Roc. Roc’s first round was light and perhaps the clearest opinion I might have is Chess¬†clearly won the first round.

If Roc spit his weakest round in the first intentionally, it definitely proved to be a viable strategy. In short, Chess had his strongest round in the first and Roc had his weakest round…in the first. ¬†Chess couldn’t match the intensity of his first round for the rest of the bout and I think this is where experience is the best teacher. Chess’s first should have been his third since Roc’s first was basic with a couple of highlights. Chess’s second and third was good enough to beat Roc’s first round. Had Chess placed his round’s effectively, he might have made this bout debatable. We also saw several stumbles from Chess that took some points away from his rounds. That leaves a perfect setup for the verdict…


Chess only wins the first round. Roc takes rounds 2 & 3 for a 2-1 victory.

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