Arsonal vs. Loaded Lux: Lux’s Stock Going Down?

I think we can all agree that Loaded Lux is legend for the sport. After all his hard work in the Lion’s Den and the DVD day’s of URL, the iconic moment that would forever impact the culture was his illustrious win over Calicoe on Summer Madness 2 (SM2). However, this might be a thorn in his side. Do we, as battlerap fans, yearn to see another iconic moment like we saw in Summer Madness 2? I think many of us do. However, his bouts against Murda Mook and Hollow Da Don didn’t produce that kind of moment. And while his contest against Hollow is debatable, he clearly suffered a 3-0 lost to Mook.

Essentially, Lux capitalized on his worth immediately after SM2. Rumors of Lux’s fee went as high as 40k at one point and battlerap fans and league owners alike were floored. This becomes an interesting subject when we look at Lux’s next bout against Arsonal. If his battle against Arsonal isn’t epic– nothing less than classic, will Lux be able to continue to charge so extravagantly?? Currently, U Dubb’s card has tickets ranging from $75-$250.00 with Lux being the highest valued name on the card. Couple that with this (supposedly) being Arsonal’s last battle and we feel the prices are reasonable.

But when you rarely battle, how long does your value stay premium in battlerap? Many fans have grievances with Mook, Lux and Hollow because they simply don’t battle frequently but are viewed as legends of the sport. However, the truth is, fans decide if there value is still high. It’s about selling tickets at the end of the day and if fans want to pay $75-$250.00 bucks to see Lux in action, that speaks for itself.

Finally, we feel this battle will be an indicator of Lux’s value to the sport for years to come. Can Lux produce another iconic moment for the sport? Will Arsonal retire in a blaze of glory? Time will tell but in the end,  selling tickets shouldn’t be a problem for this card.

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  1. Excellent point you’ve made here. I agree completely. I honestly had minimal desire to see Lux again and most of that desire is based around the mystery of whether or not he’s still the same emcee. Can he pull off another Iconic moment? I think not. There are too may contributing factors that can’t be reproduced on the fly or at will.

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