GOODZ vs. T-TOP: TrapStar Out of Product?

This bout shows us that T-Top has not evolved- yes, let’s open this Verdict just like that. T-Top is the trap star of URL, and it served a purpose…for awhile. But when you’re dealing with a veteran like Goodz, you need more than “struggle rap” to win a bout. ¬†Simply put, Goodz didn’t take Top seriously. It’s not that Goodz had exceptional barz. It’s more that Goodz exploited T-Top’s brand. Rarely do we see an emcee use the same angles all three rounds on the biggest stage in battlerap and that’s what makes Goodz so exceptional in this bout.

Are the fans tired of Top’s trapstar barz? Well, in the building that was clear. Top’s gay angles in the third didn’t land effectively…and of course he dove back to the Trap. He tried to use the typical “you’re old” angles but they were ineffective. ¬†Point Blank, Top is too predictable and if he can’t find a way to be more diverse inside of three rounds, his brand will continue to depreciate like it did in this bout.



Goodz with an easy 3-0 win.

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