CAVEMAN vs. WIRD of PLEY: Racism in Battle Rap? Of Course!

The timing of this battle is immaculate. As of yesterday, we have a controversial post in KOTD’s Talk Back Group (Facebook) that states: “As a white person, here’s my opinion on the Diz/N-word situation…….White people need to stop having an opinion on the Diz/N-word situation.” Meanwhile, weeks before it was stated that if you  contributed racist opinions in the group, you would be kicked out the group. Then we get Caveman… vs. Wird of Pley who has Emmet Till barz???????

I’m not sure what KOTD is gaining from this kind of controversy…beyond attention. Perhaps, bad publicity is good publicity and to put it quite frank, Caveman cashed in. What do you do when you know you’re battling a racist? You come in the battle with a banana clip full of anti-racial material. Couple that with accusations of Wird being a sexual offender and we have juicy battle for the fans. The only thing Wird of Pley proved in this battle is that he has great vocal projection, and solid racist charged barz mixed with average material. Caveman proved that he can strategize well and directly translate strategy to solid material in the ring; however, he should consider slowing his barz down. He had a way of speed racing through his material at times.

What is our position on racism in Battle Rap? Welp, it’s fair game but that doesn’t make it okay. Our point is if you’re going to be an overt, racist battlerapper…at least be above average.


Caveman catches a clear 3-0 and thereby conquered racism in this battle.

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