KOTD should thank URL for this battle. It’s something about being able to capture the free agents from the world’s most respected battle league and produce quality entertainment. With that said, we almost had a classic in this bout but the third round lost steam. Overall, Born seemed to be able to do more with his skill set (The Metal Gear Scheme was Crazy); however, Nunn Nunn’s aggression and confidence was clearly more prolific in all three rounds.  His swagger and demeanor was clearly more convincing…

Here are the facts: Both competitors brought a heaping serving of original material to the stage and Nunn’s ability to freestyle rebuttal and write a round based on what he thought his opponent might attack him with (2nd round) was brilliant. Born, in the second, fell right into Nunn’s hands as he did in fact have racial barz. Nunn had already addressed those issues in a pristine way. If you can envision Born going first in the second and Nunn going last, it would be clear that Nunn edged it.

What am I saying?  I’m saying this is a close battle. It’s not that the third round was bad by far but we saw performance glitches from both emcees that, for me, left the third round open for debate. However, the first two rounds were clear for me.


Born edges round one, Nunn Nunn edges round two, Third round…

I rarely do this but this one is debatable and fell just short of our classic category. Like, comment…let’s talk about it.

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