SCHEME VS DA KID CLUTCH : A Clever Scheme and a Body?

First, we want to say RIP to Jay Scott. He was a promising talent for the culture and left us too soon. With that said, hats off to AHAT for commemorating his life in this annual event. Now as for the battle, we’ve seen both competitors before. Going into the battle, we knew that Scheme was the sharper emcee but I had my worries considering that he’s been off the circuit for a minute.

However, Scheme performed as if he never left. He clearly displayed powerful punches and he was able to dish them out in a chain-linked format. Clutch didn’t have a bad performance but he was clearly outmatched. Perhaps he thought Scheme wouldn’t return as potent as he was in previous battles. If that’s the case, it’s a lesson learned for Clutch. Battlers should always prepare as if the best of their competitor will be presented in the ring. The idea of writing your barz under the impression that your opponent might be light is risky and dangerous and that thought leads us to the Verdict.


Scheme’s material was absolute fire. Don’t let Clutch’s reactions to Scheme’s barz distract you. This is a clear 1-0 BODY BAG with the winner being Scheme. RIB to Clutch. (Rest in Barz)


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