Dre Dennis vs Times: Overtime With Extra Bucks!!!!

This was a great battle and arguably the best matchup on the Glove Up 2 card next to Nunn Nunn and Born. We’ve seen Times before and we know he can clash with the titans. As for Dre Dennis, he continues to show his outstanding work ethic, stellar performances and crafty penmanship. And though this bout was competitive, it was clear that Dre had the better pen. Times’ aggression often allows him to upgrade what would be average barz  and I think that’s where the rubber met the road in this bout.

If Times is going to go to the next level of battlerap, he’ll need broaden his pen game. It’s not that his pen is weak; it’s more so that he has too many average punches that come across well coupled with his aggression. When facing someone of the caliber of a Dre Dennis, lacking barz can easily be an opponent’s demise. Dennis did wonders in the name flip category, in fact, I think Times might have witnessed the strongest name flips he’s ever heard. Let me not forget to mention that Dre’s 3rd round performance was one of the best we’ve seen all year.

All in all, this is a good look for Times. He’s consistently showing that he is a worthy competitor against household names like Bez and Ty Law. However, we want to see an increase in his pengame. It’s only so long he’ll be able to allow his aggression to outshine his written material. These are the type of things that are clearly exposed when you hit the mainstage.


Dre takes this bout winning rounds 1 and 3. 2-1 Dre Dennis.

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