URL seems to be dropping battles as if they have something to prove. The coolest thing about that is they don’t have to prove a thing so let’s talk about this battle. Lexx Luthor deserves some recognition and that’s the main reason this battle lands on the site. In short he has an uncanny writing ability similar to Danny Myers. His ability to punch within two barz is downright amazing. In other words, Luthor doesn’t need extensive setups to land a haymaker and that’s what makes him a threat.

In this battle, you see that clearly. Green has skills but requires more filler to land his punches. In contrast, Luthor’s punches were often more clever with minimal filler. It seemed as if Green had to work harder to shake the room verses Luthor who can continually land solid barz at a faster rate and a with more nonchalant demeanor. I think if Green had the ability to clown Luthor’s style, maybe even replicate his style with premium barz, he might have been able to make this a classic. Green has the ability to write on Luthor’s level but doesn’t have the same frequency or quantity of solid punches that Luthor has. In short, the punch is different and that is a great setup for the Verdict.


Lexx Luthor gains another W…clearly.

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