This is an interesting bout from Black Ice Cartel. The main reason being is I honestly believe that Zone had the better pen. And yet,┬áhis strategy was off. It seemed as if he wrote his rounds thinking he would clearly beat Clips. However, we quickly found out that Clips was fully prepared for this bout. Tech Master Stro often asserts that you shouldn’t base an emcee off his last battle or how you might perceive him to be. Sure, Clips has had highs and lows in the culture but the fact is he’s had more highs.

It’s good to see Zone in a competitive bout like this but he was missing something. Clips seemed to have what we call the “Goodz Effect” and we just saw the same effect fall upon Lexx Luthor in his bout against Bedafi Green. When emcees have a pristine amount of confidence coupled with performance, it seems that their barz do not necessarily have to be the sharpest. The confidence and performance can upgrade an average bar and make it count in the room and on cam. That my friends is the Goodz Effect inspired by Goodz himself.

Zone, instead of focusing on how Clips has fallen off, should have spent more time proving that he was the better emcee. Clips put everything in perspective when he spoke about Zone’s PG run and how in fact, he is the one who truly has fallen off. In fact, the last memorable bout from Zone that made the site was against DNA, a battle in which Zone clearly got smoked. Never the less, we’re pleased to see John Doe’s iconic video editing with two bonafide competitors come together for a quality battle that easily is worthy of our standards.



Clips takes rounds 1 and 3 for a 2-1 victory. The second round is debatable.



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