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There seems to be some dispute over the victor in this bout.  This is understandable in a sport like battle rap and to be expected.  But let’s be real and admit that Lux loss this battle clearly.  If there is any debatable round it would be the first.  The only reason I believe this to be possible is that maybe the excitement behind seeing Lux may not have worn off by the end of the first.  It wasn’t a crazy round in any respect and the energy from Lux was just off.  The crowd was lackluster at best which didn’t help Lux at all.  We were left with a semi-decent performance from someone we call the GOAT, which is beginning to make people wonder why they considered him the GOAT in the first place.

Arsonal was Arsonal at his best. There is not much any emcee can do when faced with such aggression and bars, but couple that with someone who barely battles and isn’t really saying much of anything during their rounds and you have a clear victory for Arsonal.  That’s about all that needs to be said about the battle.

Now for Lux:  Give it up bruh.  We’re tired of seeing you once every two years or so and we’re done giving you chances.  We are all hoping every time we see you that you’re going to show us a glimpse of greatness that we can liken to your performance against Calicoe.  You haven’t been able to produce this at all.  To be honest, you haven’t done much after the Calicoe battle which makes one wonder if you made the battle classic or did SMACK make it classic.  Ever since you haven’t been on SMACK all your stuff is wack and the performances are just painful.  Either get yourself together and identify what’s missing or stick to trying to make your music career work.


Arsonal 3-0, Clearly.

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  1. Arsonal was at his best?….against Qleen he was in rare form, against tec 9 and hollow he was in rare form….when did fake personals and aggression win battles?……what bars did arsenal spit that were so potent?….Lux picked apart that boy from jump and he let him down easy..

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