Dizaster vs Hollow Da Don: A Messy Dizaster

I get that this is a promo battle and the look of this battle, the cinematography, is actually better than the battle itself. To be truthful, it’s not Hollow’s or KOTD’s fault- it’s Dizaster’s. I’ve been seeing post saying Diz is trash and to be quite frank, that’s not true. Both of these emcee’s are legends in their own right and as fans, we have to remember this was a promo bout. In the same sense, we expected to see a dogfight that would leave us on the edge of our seat and Dizaster…well Diz ruined that opportunity.

We’ve seen this before when Diz get’s in his spoiled brat, let me get my Sh!t off and all my grievances towards battlerap off in 5 minutes kind of demo. What we want to tell Diz is no one cares. He had an opportunity to provide the fans with a classic promo for the culture and ruined it by wining and barking in the ring instead of focusing on how to tear down arguably battlerap’s most prolific talent. In short, this promo ends up being a bust. The only reason it lands on our site is because the matchup is EPIC and the cinematography is a sharp look for the culture.

As for Hollow, he did exactly what he was supposed to do. He had enough barz, performance and showmanship to leave us on the edge of our seats. After his round, you began to think, what if Diz had to take three rounds of that at even a higher intensity? Clearly Hollow has the ability to defuse Diz’s aggression which became clear in this bout. And after watching this bout, I think even the Best Diz probably couldn’t beat Hollow. Hollow has to many weapons in his bag and I just don’t think Diz’s uniformed style could out Savy the LOM King.


Hollow the Don catches a clear 1-0 win.

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