Pat Stay vs Bigg K: SUCKA FREE MUSIC

Welcome to the main event of Mass 3. I think it’s safe to say that this bout was highly anticipated but after watching three rounds, I felt the bout could have been better. What can I say? I’m a tough critic/blogger. Stay’s first round was okay. It was clear that Stay would not try to go punch for punch with K. Angles would be his main tool and the “you’re always tough” angle was okay. This is battle rap. Being tough is a staple in this sport. Yes we got some laughs from the “1, 2, your mom” punch but overall, that angle didn’t pierce K’s veil.

K on the other hand had a sharper round. It’s not that every bar was fire but when you punch as much as K, it doesn’t have to be. You simply have to have enough quality punches to leave a footprint in the round and separate yourself from your opponent. On the scorecard alone, K took the first by interjecting angles in a flurry of barz that were of a higher quality than most of Pat’s (ie, Benatar Baby, Jamaican Skin Bleaching, Silencer…Turn down the 50…Dave Chapelle, Pat Some or all the time).

Some of you might disagree with me concerning the second round. If we agree that battlerap is centered on argument and persuasion then you have to give my reasoning some consideration. If K already asserted that his prison bid wasn’t something he was proud of, and Stay dedicates a round saying why do you brag about your prison bid so much…what do we have? We have an argument that has already been addressed. Pat’s mistake was he spent most of the round on in it. Also, perhaps the most dumfounded bar in the bout was “Who hasn’t done an armed robbery, your stupid for being get caught for it.”

By in large I felt K shined more in this bout. His ability to use the crackhead angle in a comedic and bar heavy sense (I’d do it for way cheap) was stunning. In addition, K was able to break down Stay’s character in a much more profound way than his opponent’s angle. From attacking his street cred (car dealer) to his studio music (Wigga Music), K had a way of driving home that Stay isn’t sucka free. By the end of the third, I think this battle really centered on who was more convincing as both had plenty of personal angles. It was clear that K had sharper barz all three rounds. With that said…



Bigg K takes this bout 3-0.



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  1. I don’t know about this. Theres no way that Pat Stay lost the 2nd round. 3-0 is bit far.
    I def gave Bigg K the first. The third depends on if you like Bigg K’s angle 2-1 either way

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