BOTZ 8: Who won the Caddy Royal ?

As battle rap grows larger, leagues have begun to be more innovative concerning the type of bouts the consumer sees. One of the more popular events that has recently appeared to the battle platform  is the battle royal format. Here’s the deal: 4-6 battlers all face off against each other in a free for all. You still do your verse, but you are attacking and being attacked by multiple opponents. One of the first places I’ve seen it done, and probably done most successfully, was Dirtbag Dan’s Battle of the Zae (BOTZ) events.

BOTZ has named their Battle Royal “Caddy Royal” in honor of  the late, west coast legend and friend of the league,  Cadalak Ron. Recently they had there BOTZ 8 event, and with that, had probably there most star-studded battle royal. The lineup  included the likes of Real Deal; Illmaculate; Everybody Knows; Marv Won and Frank Staxx. Also, it was supposed to include the UK’s own Mickey Worthless; however, he was unable to make it. These are like 2 on 2’s where they are less serious and more about entertaining and everyone having a good time.

Round 1

Real Deal was very strong in the first round an displayed solid jokes with lyricism. Some of the street bars I kind of roll my eyes to but he started the battle with high intensity.

Illmaculate threw me off with the rebuttal, as I don’t get what he was rebutalling. Other than that, he delivered an amazing round. The Frank Caddy Slap in the face line was killer if you followed the Caddy Royal inaugural battle.

Everybody knows I’ve never liked his delivery but his pen and freesyles have always been good. His panned style takes some getting used to but once you do, you see he’s fire. It was probably my 2nd favorite verse in the round

Marv Won was Marv Won, Good or bad. If you are fan of Marv Won you will appreciate it but he didn’t do anything mind blowing.

Frank Staxx attacked Marv One with a lot of jokes. He was much better in the last BOTZ.

Round 2

Real Deal; was kind of meh… to me this round.

Illmaculate wasn’t as strong as the first but the best out of everyone in this round.

Everybody Knows was good except when he had to cut the Mickey bars and freestyle- kind of meh…

Marv Won started out slow but was good this round. He had a lot of jokes but was a better rapper than most.

Frank Staxx was better than the first round but still the weakest of the group. I expected more from him.


We need to look at this from the point of consistency in both rounds. As well, I like when you go after everyone as opposed to picking one opponent for the majority of the bout.

The strongest showings of the event would have to be Illmaculate, Everybody Knows, and Marv Won. But after watching this a few times I believe the clear winner would have to be Illmaculate.

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