Mack Mel Vs. R. Streets | Who Run These Streets |

CAMERA SHOTS; DOOT, DOOT, DOOT – Man I’m shooting from all angles!!!!!  That quote might be unfamiliar with some, but not at Battlescene. We’ve been watching Mack Mel for a while now and that’s who we’re here to talk about. What we have in Mack Mel is the most prolific and bar heavy PG that we’ve seen in a while.  He’s definitely taken the top spot in the 2k17 PG Class.  With more performances of this caliber, we should start seeing a lot more of Mack Mel. This is someone who has put in a lot of work and has everything needed to be a successful emcee in this industry.  His stage presence is top notch, his delivery is overwhelming and his consistency is unmatched.  We already know who won this battle, so the verdict is a little different this time.


Mack Mel, the top PG of 2017 – Bedaffi Green Voice:  I SAID THAT!!!

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