NO COAST : B-Magic vs E Farrell: The End to Magical Retirement against the Yung Republican

So B Magic is already out of retirement. He’s got this match-up, and I think he’s on World Domination for KOTD in LA.   This is the exact reason I tell people don’t do retirement announcements when it comes to battle rap.  This is not a professional sport where you get to old to do it. It’s not a profession where you get a pension upon completion.  The retirement is not needed and is much like an attention grabbing price raising marketing moment. If you don’t feel like battling, don’t battle. When you feel like battling, then you battle. It’s a simple concept to me.  Saying that, I am glad that Magic is back and hope that he’s coming back hungry for heads not just paychecks.

I don’t get the E Farrel hype. He got some nice punches here and there, but also got some terrible reaches that get gassed.  And now that he’s part of that horrible Yung Republican crew, the gas is even more so. I aint ever see a group of conservatives that like to suck each others dicks more than this group. According to these guys you would swear none of them have ever lost a battle round in there whole lives.  He is one of the more enjoyable members of the squad so I do give him that. And doesn’t come off as sensitive as some of the others.

Now onto the actual battle. Both of these guys will come punch for punch. E farrel will of course be more humorous with his angles. Even his “street bars” will more make you laugh than intimidate. Magic has the authenticity factor as well as one of the smoothest deliveries.  His punch by punch numbers are incredible

Round 1

B Magic goes first and right away doing what we love from B Magic. No personals just straight punch after punch of straight fire.

E Farrel started out strong and had some nice punches in here. He seemed to have some slip ups and might have almost forgot some of his verse.

The Nutcracker bar was crazy.

I enjoyed the round but clear W for B Magic


Round 2

Magic just goes right into it. Got some nice jokes. A T Rex jab

For the shit I’m popping right on your ass like toilet water lol

This round was better than the first he went hard with some funny ass shit here in this round
To many dam quotables from Magic

E Farrel started horrible but picked up on the 2nd half off the round but still not enough. No real haymakers in the round.

THis round was a clear body for Magic.

Round 3

Ok probably the weakest round from B Magic and it was still fire.

Chopper on top of your top I got Go Go Gadgets


Probably the closest round and might have had E Farrel take this one. It was close


Dressed up like the Blue Ranger hahahaha


This battle is a perfect example of the levels of writing. I think E Farrel would have beat allot of people with these rounds but Magic was too much for the kid.

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