Bangz has clearly arrived. If you’ve been peeping the culture, he’s been all over the place. From IBattle to KOTD, Bangz has been unleashing his fury on various opponents. With that said, this is a great bout to witness his uncanny abilities. When we observe Bangz, we’re noticing that his freestyle or off the top ability is well beyond average and at times, downright brilliant. In this bout, in particular, it’s difficult to distinguish what is or isn’t freestyle! Being that he displayed this all three rounds, this bout made┬áthe site on default.

Daylyt had an incredible first round. It’s the Daylyt we wanted to see against Cortez…the more raw, uncut, street savy Lyt. If Daylyt prepared three rounds like the first, this bout had the potential to be easily classic and possibly epic. But Lyt’s second lost steam and his “what you know about Watts” third had some moments but couldn’t outshine Bangz’s moneyball barz. Conclusively speaking, Bangz is easily earning our most improved emcee of the year. We felt that he was screaming I’m fire a little too early (last year), but as of late, he’s consistently proving he is.


Bangz takes rounds 2 & 3. The first round is debatable.

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