Now I know not many mess with NO Coast but they produce some fire here and there.  In my opinion, they are one of the best and longest running small leagues still popping. Plus, this is battle between two of my favorite battlers. XQZ is the No Coast champion and Lu Cipher is clearly underrated and lokey, has  of the best pens in battle rap.  XQZ  also has an amazing pen but his delivery needs some work. I think the one who wins depends on which style you like better. I’m a rapper so I am impressed with Lu Cipher and the material he can come up with. Im also impressed that every round has a theme to it and he aint just rapping to be rapping. XQZ is like Real Deal. He’s very good at the angles he chooses to attack you with. With that said, this is a hard battle to judge and I’m not going to break it down round for round.


Lu Cipher  takes the first 2 rounds and XQZ takes the 3rd.

Sidebar: I think Lu Cipher needs to be the champ.

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