QOTR PC vs 40 B.A.R.R.S: The 40 Stronger than the Punch?


So we got the first battle from the BullPen vs QOTR Chival War event. The theme was male vs female coupled with league vs league.  I have to say name wise this event helped Bullpen as it had some unknown battlers getting shots against some known females. PC has been around since early GrindTime days but has never seemed to get that match up and performance to get him over the hump of being lower mid tier. He’s a punchliner so will have some crazy haymakers and crazy reaches. 40 Barrs is 40- One of the top females in battle HISTORY.

Round 1

PC Opened with some heavy punches. The “While you were” comparison schemes was pretty funny but his round seemed short to me. 40 had bars but I find her delivery kind of meh….  She went in with the name flips however. Overall, it was a good round but 40 outwrote PC while PC had the better performance.

Round 2

PC had more generic punches and some ok lines here and there. I Didn’t feel his battle rapper, name scheme but I did like one line:

“It sounds to me like you want a Loaded Lux Im like What’s that? They gon’ crazy soon as I hear it and they aint even get these rounds. Naw naw I need something quiet- I don’t need it to make no Big T sounds.” LOL- Solid Barz.

40 outwrote PC with more than basic 4 bar punches. She directly attack some of the talks PC gave in his promotion. She ripped him about him being around since “Grindtime since 09 your lips drip, got no shine…any views we about to do b!tch those mine. 40 took this round.

Round 3

A little slip up from PC  in the 3rd while doing some crazy punches threw off his momentum. 40 starts the round with a fire rebuttal that went into her round smoothly. It probably was the best round of her battle.


I think neither was at their best but both were impressive on what they do.
I edge the battle to 40 Barrs, and had her taking rounds 2 and 3. Make sure you vote who you think won and please comment which battle should drop next.

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