MIKE P: URL’s Only Thriving, White Battle Rapper?

I guess we kind of sat back and chuckled when Mike P claimed that he is the one white battle rapper that broke barriers for other white emcees in URL and we have to give a shout to HIPHOPISREAL for capturing and saving the file (skip to 11:49). After Mike stated this, he went on FB Live (immediately after the video hit Youtube) and complained that fans were already firing shots about his statement in that they could not have watched the video since it was just uploaded and the vid is 15+ minutes long. Such statements are petty at best since Hiphopisreal tagged the post: “MIKE P DECLARES: “I PERSONALLY BROKE THE BARRIERS FOR ANY WHITE ARTIST TO THRIVE ON URL.” Consequently,many fans responded off the vid Title alone.  My first thoughts were, this is BATTLE RAP and not the BAAWP (Battle Association for the Advancement of White People).

He then proceeded to say he’s the only successful white battle rapper on URL. By doing so, he downplayed emcees like Real Deal and Glueazy to mention a couple.  Our question becomes, in these days in times in the United States, Why play the race card? URL doesn’t discriminate on white battle rappers. Like any other emcee, if you come to URL, you have to offer something alluring to the fans to put people in the seats. Color is not the issue. So when Mike P makes a statement like this, we wonder what the payoff for him was. It did nothing for the culture but promote controversy and give HIPHOPISREAL 4, 756 hits on the post. Did he get off on downplaying someone like Real Deal? Note that Mike P won’t battle Real Deal.

We’ve caught him saying he will never battle a White emcee. This is all too interesting. I guess what we’re saying is no Mike P, you aren’t the White Forerunner for URL. Some have come before you and proved that they are equal in this sport regardless of color. The fact that you stated this in an interview that you knew would be revealed to the culture let’s us know that you’re feeling like the top “White” emcee in URL and you don’t want to lose that- and that’s why you won’t battle another White emcee. With that said, this next emcee I’m going to speak on would punch ya head off.

So let’s shift the post to Glueazy. In short, the Battlescene team feels that he has come of age.  His sharp performances and deadly punches are something to be reckoned with and like many fans exclaimed (including Mike P) after they saw this bout, he’s definitely ready for Irving Plaza. With that said, Glueazy vs. Mike P would be an entertaining bout. Mike P has shown in the past that he has problems with quick punchers and one only needs to peep the 30 he took against Ave to confirm it. Has Mike P matured enough to beat a Glueazy, Ave, Danny Myers, or a Bigg K? Time will tell. For the fans to see how far Mike has progressed, we need to see him against someone like Glueazy- someone that has minimal filler and rapidly unleashes punches. I’d put my money on Glueazy, Ave, Danny Myers and Bigg K…easy.

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