AYE VERB VS. CHARRON: A Sentence without a Verb?

This is probably my easiest Verdict of the year. I need not watch the battle twice, I need not debate with myself and I’m definitely not going to waste to many verbs on this write up (no pun intended). Verb just isn’t hungry anymore. He had some good material here and there but it was spotty at best. I think more so than anything, we saw a Verb that just lacked the drive and passion that we expect from a veteran in the game.

You would think battling someone like Charron would give him that spark. After all, Charron is the SMACK killer. But no, we saw a decent Charron who proved throughout three rounds that he was the better competitor. Charron’s angles in the first ended up being the truth. Verb is washed up and should probably give it a rest for a while.

Again, do I have to break this bout down- no. It’s too clear. And to be honest, I’ve seen a better Charron. It wasn’t that he had such a stellar performance. He had a good showing but Verb didn’t fully prepare for this bout. All the light stumbles, mixed in with some decent angles and okay punches here and there just wasn’t enough. And so, Charron adds another URL victim to his list. That is all.


Charron with a clear 3-0.

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