NE4 MAIN EVENT: Progrest vs. Hero

ne4I’m not quite sure why Hero is on the main event card, but we want to give a little shine to KOTD developing American talent in Arizona or in the U.S. in general. And though sunshine comes with the west, this post will inevitably have some shade. With that said, Hero seems to be a very, very, average battle rapper and that’s an understatement. Let’s not forget that he came to Detroit in Glove Up 2 and had a horrid performance against Tez. Consequently, Tez 30d him. Just read the Youtube comments if you don’t believe me. There are a plethora of fans asserting that Hero is trash.

Progrest on the other hand clearly has potential and brings some unique barz to the table. All one needs to do is peep his bout on IBattleTV. He possesses a unique style, has great vocal projection and is more along the lines of someone you would want to invest in as an entertainer. When you watch battles like I do, you would understand why I was appalled that Hero, somehow makes a main event card on anything platform- let alone KOTD. However, if one of their slogan’s is “Put your money where your mouth is,” I guess this is what you get for a $10.00 cover event.

If KOTD wants to create pristine talent in the states, placing average to wack emcees in main events is problematic. Some fans will drink the Kool Aid and be more prone to think Hero is good since he’s in the main event. Other fans, like me, will wonder why he’s in a main event in the first place. And then there’s the outcome of the battle. I don’t see Hero beating Progrest by a long shot. What we can gain from this is another 30 being delivered by Progrest this time. Meanwhile, somebody whose been floating in the GZ’s (Bobby Lee, Pollo Creed, Michigunn to name a few), who is much more talented than Hero, is wondering how in the hell did they miss the boat.

Conclusively speaking, the only thing Hero can gain from this post is to use this as motivation. You’re not gonna come in Detroit with a horrible performance and later land on a main event card, as if you deserve it, without Battlescene dropping a dime. GETCHA BARZ UP and the 50% Gjonaj Rasp does NOT help your brand.  Progrest- keep doing what you do and we’re hoping to see a entertaining body. KOTD, reconsider how you’re developing talent as this main event card is a downer. Prof-AC vs Pollo Creed would have been our choice. Alright, I see the sun shining so the shade is over…


4 Responses to “NE4 MAIN EVENT: Progrest vs. Hero”

  1. This article was made a bitter young man that’s been speaking Hero’s name for weeks now. Instead of bashing battlers, try creating articles that are positive. I understand your biased towards Michigan Battlers, but why don’t you write a Positive article and aim at getting a Michigan artist on World Dom. I guess that’s too much like right though huh.

  2. Excuse my errors, I grammatical errors. I tend to only care when the site is somewhat respectable. My bad.

  3. Who ever wrote this is a cornball.. period.. should be fucking ashamed and I will boycott and never check for ever again..

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