BattleScene.Net AHAT Wrap Up: Jay Scott Tribute

Please enjoy our tribute to the young Jay Scott.  What a powerful show this was.  It really showed the impact that Jay left on everyone he came in contact with and the culture.

BattleScene AHAT Wrap Up Arena Battle: Major Lead Vs. D-Tay

Welcome to another edition of Battle In The Arena presented by The BattleScene AHAT Wrap-Up.  Our featured gladiators are Major Lead and D-Tay.  Both of these emcees are aggressive and bar heavy punchers.  We are having a 1 round 3-5 min battle...

BattleScene.Net AHAT Wrap Up: Ah Di Boom & Young Kannon

This was literally the most action packed show in the history of BattleScene.  We developed a MoshPit Battle on the fly which will take place between Young Kannon and Ah Di Boom.  It got heated, don’t miss it!

The BattleScene AHAT Wrap-Up: Automatic Ray & Trez

Join Oplex, TechMaster-Stro & MusicIamTV for the fastest hour in battle rap.  This is a prime-time edition about the SpitDatHeat:  Battle To Survive event.  Bar of the Week:  Conceited, GunBar of The Week:  Trez, Battle of the Week:  Scheme Vs. Young B...