Cortez Vs. Prez Mafia | BodyBag?? |

Well, this was a definite loss for Prez Mafia.  I can’t believe he struggled through all three rounds.  It’s just not like him at all.


Fettuccine20 Vs Mackk Myron: MACKK MURDERER

If you were there, this felt like a body but YouTube presents a different story. In reality, it’s not that 20 was bad. It’s just that Myron was that good.

Qleen Paper Vs. Nu Jersey Twork

Wow.  Let’s get it understood that we’re watching someone in the prime of their career.  Who gives a crap about allegations that Twork paid his way into the game.

The State of Battle Rap

I oftentimes ponder where battle rap is headed and what the future holds for the culture.

DNA x Warren Wint – ” All About “

This is a gem that I found while surfing and contemplating on whether or not to get the KOTD PPV today.  I think this may have convinced me.  Dope beat, hot hook and solid lyrics.

Verdict Corner with Stack Almighty

Check out this exclusive interview with Detroit Battle Rapper and Zoo Faculty leader, Stack Almighty at KOTD’s GZ event, Glove Up, that went down in the Detroit Metro two wee



This is another premier match-up of the Top Tier 2 event presented by NOBL.  Before I get into the battle I want to stress what I’ve learned from this event.